Enrollment Form


Click the link above for our easy online enrollment.  We only have a few spots available for next year and are filling up fast.


Download and print the 2015-2016 enrollment application that is attached to this page.


If you would prefer to complete an onsite application, please visit during our office hours, call (317) 653-4009 or email Stephanie Banks at sbanks@iae.teamcfa.org.


This enrollment form is for all grades, PK-5.


The enrollment deadline is June 30, 2015 by 11:59 PM. Applications will be dated as received.


Applications received through online submission, fax, mail, or hand delivered will be accepted. Each application will be date stamped. E-MAILED APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.


Paper applications may be mailed to:

Indianapolis Academy of Excellence CFA

1145 E. 22nd St.

Indianapolis, IN 46202 

Fax to: (317) 653-4008